What is a monocular and how to choose one?

By Sanguino

Everyone knows what a telescope and binoculars are, what they how, and even how they work. But, most people have no idea what a monocular is.  What it does or not it works.  It’s not as popular as its friends but still very important for in individuals.  The monocular much easier to transfer from one location to another.

So, what is a monocular?  A monocular is a modified refracting telescope.  It refracts the light so that will magnify objects via lenses and prisms.  Because the monocular uses a prism it makes it very light weighted. This is the primary difference between that and a telescope.  The monocular is sometimes referred to as one.  The monocular is different from a telescope because it produces a two-dimensional image. The monocular that has a straight optical path, can be very long.  The prisms will be used to fold the path, and make the instrument become shorter.  

The monocular is sometimes used for the visually impaired people.  They will use the monocular to see objects at distances that a person with normal vision would not have difficulty to see.  Examples of this is something written on a whiteboard or something being projected onto a screen.  

When deciding on getting a monocular, a person needs to consider the following: magnification, size of the monocular, and eye relief.  The average magnification of a monocular scope is 5x or 6x.  The thing to think about when deciding it the higher the magnification the less stable a view will be it when holding the monocular, due to the hand moving.  At these times of higher magnification, a person might want to mount the monocular onto a tripod.  

Eye relief is the space between the actual eye and the eyepiece of the device. It is measured in millimeters and is important because it determines how far away the scope can be but still allow the person to see through the scoop. Considering the eye relief is important because if a person wears glasses then they need an eye relief of 14mm.  

Choosing the right monocular is important so a person can have the visual enhancement that they want.  It’s all just a matter of knowing what the person wants before the walk into a place to purchase it.  It’s just a matter of knowledge and desire of what a person wants, and anyone can have and use a monocular.  

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