How to Choose Binoculars

By Sanguino

For a person that uses binoculars often, they know that there are different types and uses.  But for the person who’s just going out to an event for the first time, they might not have any idea how different binoculars are, what the numbers mean, or how to make the right choice for the event.  For this help is needed, to make the right choice so that they won’t show up at a bird watching event with hunters binoculars or vice versa.  That could be embarrassing.

There are a variety of types of binoculars in the world, but each type has the same purpose of seeing farther than the eye can see naturally.  Outside of eyeglass, they are the most used optical tool used in the world.  Overall there are five types of binoculars for five different uses.  

We at Sanguino believe that to first know the difference between the types of binoculars, a person has to know what the numbers mean on the binoculars.  Every pair is identified by two numbers.  The first number tells the person the magnification power and the second is the length of the lenses.  Meaning that if the lenses is 7×35.  The magnification power is 7 times closer than a person could see naturally.  Then the diameter of the lenses measure 35mm.  The larger the diameter of the lenses the more light that comes in.  The more light that comes into the lenses the better view a person will have of the object that they are looking at.

The first type is just a general use binocular.  Most will use theses as outdoor activities, like a sporting event to see the field/court better.  The binoculars that are common for this general purpose has a magnification of 7x to 10x.  Another type is hunting binoculars.  The choice of what magnification is decided by the type of game the person is hunting.  Most normal hunters can use a magnification of 7x to 10x for general hunting, 12x to 16x magnification for long range shooting for varmints.

When a pair of binoculars are being used for bird watching, the standard is to use 8×42.  The magnification will help see the details on the birds and the larger diameter will allow more light so the picture clearer. Though some will use up to 12x magnification and up to 50mm lenses.     

Knowing what event a person will use the binoculars at will decide how what they will purchase or use for the event.  Mostly when choosing what binoculars to use, a person really needs to think how far away from the event they will be sitting at, and what kind of view they want.  

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