The moon from a telescope view

How does a telescope work?

By Sanguino

Today’s day and age is a time of quick technology that is super-fast, effective and high tech.  Honestly if it isn’t say an app, then most of society tends to overlook the value of a device.  Nothing seems to be more important than that of the computer.  In schools, most students only know that telescopes are used to look into to space because they learn about space.  Most student have no idea what a telescope does or even how it works.  

Telescopes are one of the coolest inventions of all times.  The telescope has been around since 1608, when Hans Lippershey created it. Many others have taken credit for the design, Johannes Kepler described how the telescope could work to see objects far away.

They telescope is important because they allow a person to see very far away. The science is of the telescope it uses refracting light and mirrors to be able to see the distance the eye can only dream of.  There are two types of telescopes a reflective lenses and a refractor telescope.  

Here is how the refractor telescope works on the inside, the light reaches the primary lenses.  This lens is rounded, convex, meaning that the light bends and goes to the secondary lens.  The secondary lens is the focusing lens.  The focusing lens takes care for focusing the light and producing a clear image of the object the person has focused on.  

With a reflective telescope the light travels in a similar manner but instead of bending with curved mirrors, the light reflects back.  With both types of telescopes the more light that is let into the telescope the farther away a person can see.

The way a telescope is made, is inside a cylinder, and is an opening on either end of the cylinder.  The one end is where a person can look through the eyepiece, and this piece will brighten the image, focus and magnify the image for the human eye.  At the other end, the opening is larger with an objective lens.  This lens gathers the light and bend it into focus for the user.  The light either bends or reflects depending on the types of lens in the middle of the cylinder.  

The telescope works in a simple and amazingly complex manner, student and the world need to remember how amazing this technology is.  Putting the apps, and tablets and other technology down to remember and appreciate the awesome technology that is a telescope and understanding how it works.